Bluewater Industries Titanium Machining

Bluewater Industries Titanium Machining

1b5f2edfa0951eff29b48bb0ea6af127_475_765Within the medical field titanium machining is a widely recognized requirement in order to
custom fit titanium machined parts into the human body. Many medical implants utilize titanium and the titanium machining process as a core material for titanium machined implants. Special features that make titanium perfect for use in titanium machined implants are the same features that make titanium machining a challenge for many shops that machine titanium for machined titanium implants used in the medical field and many scientific applications. Machining titanium often leads to material hardening during the titanium machining process. We machine approximately 50,000 titanium parts every year and have perfected our titanium machining process to reduce or eliminate material hardening.

The scientific research community uses titanium machining and many titanium machined parts for their experiments. We use our titanium machining process on an often used titanium vacuum chamber that is machined from solid titanium for one of our customers who supply titanium vacuum chambers to many national laboratories and scientific research universities. Titanium machined vessels as they are often called are, have unique properties that enable researches the ability to control science experiments inside the titanium machined chamber.

Our Titanium machining process has been perfected over thousands of man-hours utilizing the LEAN technique of constant improvement. During the titanium machining process all variables are carefully documented by each machinist in the titanium machining process which are all of these notes are then correlated to effect real change during the titanium machining process at Bluewater Industries. Our documentation and LEAN manufacturing techniques that have been incorporated into the companies QMS have had the single biggest impact to perfect our titanium machining process over time. We hope you’ll give us a chance to prove our process is right for your production titanium parts.

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